A new product called ScreenTop together with NeoStudio will be separately released by the Oryle Foundation later next month. Generally, the ScreenTop screen recorder will be the first release of the screen recording category form the Oryle products. ScreenTop is a completely FREE screen recorder for both Business and Personal use. Let's take a small look at the features:

+Supports frame rates up to 60 FPS.
+Uses DirectX and FFMPEG encoder for recording.
+Enables microphone narration to video while recording.
+Enables selected region for recording.
+High-Quality video output.
+Fast, Friendly user-interface, easy to use, FREE

ScreenTop FREE Screen Recorder Icon(left) and NeoStudio FREE Screen Recorder Icon(right):

http://sk.uploads.im/t/jWJuz.png                              http://sk.uploads.im/t/HQob6.png

For the NeoStudio screen recorder which is currently under development, will be a more advanced screen recorder, and has a little of a downside. And this is most recommended for users who is more advanced and has a more understanding towards video encoding and output recording. It has some similar features to ScreenTop but, as i said, it has downsides.

Here are the requirements for downloading both screen recorders:

.NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1

Be sure to take a look at our new website at:


Thanks for reading till the end  :playful:

Administrator, @Roebebin